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Flax - Plant to Handmade Paper

These three samples of handmade paper and two samples of flax are great teaching tools to show people what's possible with this wonderful fiber. Mailed as one unit for $35.00 plus postage.

Flax for Sale

1) Dried ready to process Canadian flax, 1 lb. Grown by Helmut Becker see Hand Papermaking Magazine Summer 2012

2) Canadian flax with shives removed 1 lb. Purchased from Helmut Becker. My understanding is he grew and processed it.

3) Paper samples all beaten 6 hrs in Valley slowly adding weights. Not cooked. Light-100% Belgium Flax-rinsed continuously while beating medium-unrinsed 50 % Belgium Flax/ 50% Abaca dark-100% Belgium Flax unrinsed Made at Cave Paper.
You can use this as a teaching visual for students or there is enough fiber included (1 lb of flax with and 1 lb without shives) that you can process the fiber.

Over 200 lbs of high quality uncut Flax fiber in ready to ship containers. I am asking $19 per lb and can sell you any quality.

P8. 2 Sticks for beating fiber; made from ash $10 each plus shipping
3 cones for pulp spraying and two nozzles that would need to hook to your compressor.

Updated March 12, 2017