Handmade Path Book (2022)

Special Edition includes clamshell box

Lu Jingren, world renown book designer in Beijing China teamed up with Amanda in Minneapolis to create Handmade Path. Their idea was to invite people to answer the same six questions using their handwriting because it connects the hand the mind and the heart in an intimate way . The questions included how did you begin your practice? Why do you still make paper/books? What is the difference between reading on a digital device or in a book? In what way do you understand the five senses of paper/book: vision, touch, hearing, smelling, and tasting? Share with us some moments, either breakthroughs or break downs in your work? What is your next dream project?

There are 150 copies available with the clamshell box and 200 with a plain wrapper making the total edition 350 copies.

Paper Arts Workshop

September 17 - October 1, 2023

International Center for the Arts in the village of Monte Castello (near Perugia) is hosting a Paper Arts workshop. Incredible culinary meals included as well as airport transfers from Rome, 24/7 bi-lingual support, ground transport, art materials and four internationally known instructors.

Paper is an amazing material with the potential to be structurally strong or flexible and soft, opaque or translucent, a base for drawings and paintings, a sculptural form or bound into books for writing and illustrations. In this session we will explore the potential of paper as a basic material and as a medium for artistic pursuits. This two-week session will be led by internationally known instructors Amanda Degener, founder of Cave Paper; Carol Barton of Popular Kinetics; Denise Carbone from the University of the Arts and Tom Balbo of Tom Balbo Galleries.

Students will be signing up for the complete session, with sixteen hours of instruction in each area: hand papermaking, pulp paper painting and marbling, sewn bookbindings, and designing pop-ups. The session will also include field trips to the Fabriano Paper Mill and to the city of Florence, along with several other excursion stops. In addition, Amanda will be offering optional morning Tai Chi sessions.

This is an ideal session for teachers, graphic designers, creative artists, and anyone who likes to play with paper. No prior experience is necessary; all skill levels are welcome.